You have a brilliant idea?

You have made a technical invention or created an individual product design?

Maybe you want to protect the name of your product or the identity of your company? Then you should apply for a patent or design or register a trademark – because the competition never sleeps!

Without registered industrial property rights, anyone can copy your ideas or industrial marks and earn what is actually yours.

For obtaining and enforcing intellectual property rights we are at your disposal with the following services:

  1. General advice on industrial property protection and development of filing strategies
  2. Searches for the novelty of inventions and designs
  3. Preparation of applications for industrial property right
  4. Filing of IP applications and representation in official examination proceedings
  5. Defense of intellectual property rights
  6. Trademark collision monitoring
  7. Enforcement of intellectual property rights
  8. Maintenance of intellectual property rights and administration of intellectual property portfolios
  9. Drafting of license agreements for the exploitation of intellectual property rights and know-how
  10. Drafting of contracts and process development for obtaining and compensating rights to employee inventions
  11. Drafting of contracts for the acquisition or transfer of intellectual property rights

Do you want to use your developments in commercial products or establish a new brand name for your product?

If so, you should check whether third-party rights conflict with the marketing of your products and trademarks and, if this is the case, develop a strategy to avoid infringement. For this purpose, we are at your disposal with the following services:
  1. Searches for freedom to operate technical products and product designs as well as trademark searches
  2. Assessment of infringement risk and development of circumvention solutions
  3. Preparation and implementation of attacks against third-party property rights
  4. Drafting of contracts to eliminate collisions with third-party property rights
  5. Defense against infringement claims, including infringement suits