No perfect performance without functioning support. Our patent attorneys are supported by an excellently trained team of patent paralegals, clerks and foreign language correspondents.

For special technical questions we can rely on reliable specialists in various technical disciplines.

Patent Attorneys

Patent Attorney
Dr. Betram Rapp

Graduate Physicist

Patent attorney since 1993.

Studied physics at the University of Ulm, specializing in biophysics and liquid crystals.

Mainly active in physical and process engineering as well as in the field of trademark law.

Member of numerous national and international associations and federations in the fields of patent, trademark and licensing law.

Patent Attorney
Dr. Stefan Gehrsitz

Graduate Physicist

Patent attorney since 2002.

Studied physics at the University of Würzburg and obtained a doctorate at the ETH Lausanne in the fields of semiconductor technology and interferometry.

Main areas of practice in the field of physical engineering, physical chemistry, electrical engineering and in the field of design and trademark law.

Patent Attorney
Ulrich Wohlfarth

Chartered Engineer

Patent attorney since 2006.

Studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, followed by scientific and teaching activities in the field of electrical drive systems and power electronics.

Main areas of activity in the field of general electrical engineering, mechatronics, electrical drive systems, power electronics, control engineering and trademark law.

Lecturer at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and the University of Ulster.

Patent attorney
Thomas Schwarz

Chartered Engineer

Patent attorney since 1992.

Studied mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen.

Mainly active in the field of general mechanical engineering, in particular machine tools, plant engineering, precision engineering, clamping technology.

Patent Attorney
Alexander Spanier

M.Sc. Physics

Patent attorney since 2021

Studied physics at the University of Augsburg with a focus on carbon and fiber composites.

Specialized in materials science, construction and building technology, transport technology.

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